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Bohucoconut is our company name. Our place of production located in Western Aceh region, Aceh province, Indonesia. Our line of business focused on the production of coconut derivatives. Now we provide two kind of products: coco fiber and coco peat blocks. As ongoing demands for the coconut derivatives keep increasing, we aim to be one of many Indonesian companies that can provide products with excellent quality.

Our Products

We provide goods from coconut derivatives.

About bohucoconut

"Boh U", "Kelapa", "Coconut".

“Boh U” is a phrase in Acehnese language that means coconut in English, or “kelapa” in Indonesian. The coconut itself refers to the “u” word, as the “boh” can be understood as “fruit”, or in a phrase can be translated as “coconut tree fruit”. If we mention “u” in Aceh it means coconut tree as a whole…….

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Customer First

We provide best quality products


We have our tools of production and have our supply fully controlled


We work together with local communities for raw materials